Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Going to Boston

Here I come Beantown! Scary idea huh?  Yup. It sure was a spur of the moment idea. Well, let me explain. It's not a vacation or anything like that. I like to think of it as an educational adventure. While I'm there, I am going to be attending a food writing workshop hosted by Naomi Kooker of Boston Common. How exciting, yeah? I think so.
However, I am really nervous. I don't take my writing as seriously as I should and I know that I will be among people who do. Also, I'm hoping to make some contacts and maybe even find a grown up job there. Perhaps, America's Test Kitchen will have an opening for a writer or an intern, or Edible Boston. I'll be sure to spruce up my resume and my portfolio too. 

Just think—Boston is one of the biggest cities for food, music and sports and my main interest being food it's a perfect setting for the seminar. That and I have a few friends that I can crash with while I visit. That'll make things easier on the wallet. I think if I can set aside at least $40 a week until my trip I should be set to eat like a princess and see enjoy myself. Don't worry, I will definitely keep up with the posts and everything. I'm excited! 

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